Party Bus Destinations

Bennett Zip Codes Include: 80102

When your days out on the town bring you to the Bennett area, Rookies should be a top spot on your list of destinations to visit! Why? Well, likely you've got a fine appreciation for down home country home cooked food, and if so, this is really your spot! If you're around here in the AM hours, you will surely want to try their delish breakfasts too. Karaoke on Saturday nights is a blast and they've got a pretty good beer selection too! 1323-Monroe-St, Strasburg, CO 80136, (303) 622-9750.

Next up is this super affordable diner that we think you'll really appreciate when you're looking for that old school vibe during a Denver Limo Bus trip in Bennett. Their breakfast burritos are something that we'd crawl out of bed on even the coldest morning for! Fabulous sandwiches for the lunch crowd too, including reubens that blow all others out of the water. There's a full bar here and TVs too, but no outdoor seating and no wi-fi. 250 East-Colfax Ave, Bennett, CO 80102, (303) 644-5055.

A common request during Denver Limo Bus trips is Chinese food, and our chauffeurs are always highly likely to recommend China Kitchen if you happen to be out here in the Bennett area with us. The ambiance is simple, maybe even a bit sparse, but the focus is on the food and we can't complain about that! The volcano chicken and the sesame chicken are definitely our two favorite items here. The only downside is that there's no bar. 200 South-First St, Bennett, CO 80102, (303) 644-3100.

If you've been thinking about checking out Lulu's Inn during your upcoming trip with us, you can consider this our official recommendation! This one's a step up from the previous few recommendations, a little bit pricier but so worth it. Very large space, two bars for your enjoyment, a large dance floor, and even a gorgeous patio with several horseshoe pits to keep you busy between drinking, dining, and conversing! 33355 US-Hwy-Thirty-Six, Watkins, CO 80137, (303) 261-9672.

Aviator, better known as one that we've been known to rush out to in the AM hours for yummy breakfast burritos, but that's not all they have to offer our Denver Limo Bus customers! Every single item on the menu is so fresh, flavorful, and delicious. We'd recommend it very highly for breakfast or lunch any day of the week. Note that they have the limited hours of 7:30-2:30 every day, but on Sundays they are closed completely. 5200 Front-Range-Pkwy, Watkins, CO 80137, (303) 261-4054.

Another diner that we've just got to recommend is Interstate Diner! Recent renovations have really spruced this place up and made it the kind of place that we're happy to recommend to all our partygoers. A pure classic diner vibe, yummy breakfasts and burgers and other diner fare, and the kind of old fashioned service that you go to this type of place for. No alcohol, no wi-fi, no outdoor seating! Nothing fancy here, just the good old fashioned basics. 1800 N Watkins Rd, Watkins, CO 80137, (303) 261-4100.

Our last entry for this area is a good one when a Denver Limo Bus customer is trying to wrangle a really delicious burger in the Bennett area. The barnyard burger is probably our favorite option on the menu, and we just cannot get enough of that delicious fried okra on the side. Mmm! They do fried pickle spears here too, which we just love! Gotta recommend that muchacha burrito too! If you're looking for that middle-of-nowhere feel, check this spot out! Thirty One West Bijou Avenue, Byers, CO 80103, (303) 822-9249.