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Ken Caryl Zip Codes Include: 80127, 80128

Jake's Brew Bar is always a great choice when you're headed out with Denver Limo Bus in the Ken Caryl area. The ambiance is that of an old fashioned neighborhood bar and they offer both a superb selection of alcoholic beverages as well as tasty coffee and tea. The darts, board games, and books will keep you plenty busy. The selection of craft beer is impressive and you'll be appreciative of that when you're on your Denver Limo Bus trip in Ken Caryl! 2540 W Main St, Littleton, CO 80120, (303) 996-1006.

Kate's Wine Bar is a beautiful place to sip a glass of red or white when your travels with Denver Limo Bus bring you to the Ken Caryl area. Many have compared the feeling here to that of Cheers, but if Cheers were a wine bar rather than a traditional bar. The happy hour prices are excellent and the service is just out of this world. The brie is just mind blowing and we're huge fans of their charcuterie plates. Everything they serve is delish. 5671 S Nevada St, Littleton, CO 80120, (303) 999-2895.

Q's Pub & Grille is not just a fantastic bar but it's also an unforgettable music venue! If you're looking to watch some of the greatest local bands play, this is your spot! There's a lot of really delicious food for you to choose from here, including yummy hamburgers, tasty chicken sandwiches, and healthy grilled chicken salads! They have televisions here too just in case you want to keep an eye on the big game. 10133 W Chatfield Ave, Littleton, CO 80127, (303) 973-2905.

Rox Bar & Grill is a bar and burger joint that Denver Limo Bus customers can't seem to get enough of. A real gem in the Ken Caryl area, they've got a diverse crowd that gathers here, with all ages enjoying the ambiance and the super prices. The sandwiches and burgers are what they are best known for, but what we'd point you to on the menu are the mouth watering fish tacos. Mmm! Super mashed potatoes too. Great beer selection! 12684 W Indore Pl, Littleton, CO 80127, (303) 972-2769.

Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar is the ideal spot for you in the Ken Caryl area if you're a lover of a nice slice of pizza pie with a perfect glass of white or red right beside it. Mmm! They've got a full selection of Italian fare for you to enjoy here, including fiocchi, meatball sliders, garlic knots, and so much more! We just love it. Not just a wine bar but a full bar, in fact. TVs for sports and free wi-fi too. Outdoor seating as well! They've got it all. 10025 W San Juan Way, Littleton, CO 80127, (303) 972-1011.

Iwayama Sushi & Da Big Kahuna Bistro blends the world of Japanese sushi with Hawaiian fare, and we think it's just the very best. The garlic chicken is something that you really must try. That crisp texture is so satisfying and the flavor is just out of this world. The coconut cake is a must-have for dessert, if you can manage to save room for it! They've really got such a huge menu of delightful favorites for you to choose from. 5500 S Simms St, Littleton, CO 80127, (303) 948-1199.

McKinner's Pizza Bar is possibly the most beloved pizzeria in the Ken Caryl area, and when you're out and about with Denver Limo Bus, this is a stop that you've simply got to make. The bar is large and inviting and they've got such a large array of choices. That menu is packed with super fresh salads and delectable appetizers, including pierogies that are so melt-in-your-mouth good! The margherita pizza is a must-have and the beer selection is beyond impressive! 2389 W Main St, Littleton, CO 80120, (303) 798-8500.