Party Bus Destinations

Strasburg Zip Codes Include: 80136

Rookies is the spot for you if you are on the road with Denver Limo Bus in the Strasburg area and you're in the mood for a cool and comfortable American restaurant and bar. There's a ton of space here for your larger celebrations and we really appreciate the small town charm that they have. There are TVs for your sports-watching or headline-watching needs, and they've even got a full bar at your fingertips. Enough said. 1323-Monroe, Strasburg, CO 80136, (303) 622-9750.

One of our favorite burger spots in the Strasburg area, really ideal for our Denver Limo Bus customers who want some good food on a budget! They've got such an awesome staff here, just so friendly and welcoming, and the ambiance is just right for what it is. The breakfast burritos are a beloved item here and so are the reuben sandwiches and the breakfast hash browns! Mmm! Highly recommended. 250-Colfax, Bennett, CO 80102, (303) 644-5055.

If you enjoy a great Chinese meal as often as you can, you really owe it to yourself to check out China Kitchen when you're out and about in this area with us. As with the previous place, it's smart for groups on a budget, and everything is always served piping hot and spiced to order! The volcano chicken is something that we've never been able to resist and we can't say enough about the sesame chicken. Those make a tantalizing lunch combo! 200 South-First, Bennett, CO 80102, (303) 644-3100.

Golden Spike Lounge is a dive bar that is a must-visit if you, like us, can appreciate that laid back style! They've got a nice cheap jukebox here that's packed with great classics, and they've got ice cold beer, always available and always icy cold! The food is really good too, including breakfast! We wish there was room for dancing here, but we appreciate the fact that they've got the TVs all ready for any upcoming big games! They do accept credit cards too. 241 N Main St, Byers, CO 80103, (303) 822-5666.

Lulu's Inn is a traditional American bar that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired! They hit the mark on every metric! We love the pool and air hockey area, a fun place to chill and converse with friends while getting a little competitive. The bar also has plenty of video games and TVs to keep you busy, and there's even a dance floor and stage for the live entertainment. The food is top notch, including barbecue nachos that will blow your mind! 33355 US-Highwy 36, Watkins, CO 80137, (303) 261-9672.

Another cool American joint, similar to the one we mentioned above, and also featuring delicious breakfasts that are worth dragging yourself out of bed in the morning for! The breakfast burrito is, excuse the '90s expression, the bomb! The fact that they have so much space here for your larger groups and that they've got such a large menu to choose from makes it particularly ideal for Denver Limo Bus groups. A Strasburg favorite. 5200 Front-Range, Watkins, CO 80137, (303) 261-4054.

Bookbar is a combo wine bar and bookstore, two of our favorite things rolled into one. There's nothing like relaxing with some good wine and browsing their excellent selection of books. The store is not huge and yet they have a very impressive array of books, and they can order anything that you can't find on the shelves. Once you start hanging out here, you'll forget all about those "other" book stores. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? 4280 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212, (720) 443-2227.