Party Bus Destinations

Superior Zip Codes Include: 80027

Wayne's Smoke Shack is a barbeque restaurant with moist meat that's been smoked overnight for the perfect taste! All of the meats here fall apart, and that's how you know it's good. Everything here is sold by weight, so you can totally customize what it is that you want on your plate. The pork shoulder and chicken are two options you'll have to try aside from their famous brisket. It's all flavorful here at Wayne's! 406 Center Dr, Superior, CO 80027. (303) 554-53191.

Doug's Day Diner is a diner that specializes in breakfast and brunch. The papas with carne asada are to die for, especially when they're smothered in the delicious green chile sauce. The griddle biscuits are out on this world, and the chorizo here is sure to spice your day up. The hearty, filling dishes that are available here are definitely going to make you want to choose this spot time and time again. 1697 Coalton Rd, Superior, CO 80027, (720) 304-8049.

Delvickio's Italian is an Italian restaurant that offers gluten free options to those with special diet sensitivities in the Superior area. From the complimentary bread sticks to the fantastic dessert options, your meal will be a winner from start to finish when it's one from this restaurant. This is located within a strip mall, so be sure to keep that in mind when you're searching for it. There's a lot to love here, so come check it out. 1631 Coalton Rd, Superior, CO 80027, (303) 494-6000.

Old Chicago specializes in the Chicago style pizza that we all know and love. The beer is amazing, comes in large sizes, and the prices are right all of the time. They have basic dishes as well as some innovative appetizers for you to choose from. The consistent food quality makes this one of the most popular family restaurants to enjoy in Superior. The bar area always offers great specializes on food and drink here. 100 Superior Plaza Way, Superior, CO 80027, (720) 304-2048.

Chick-fil-A is known throughout the country as being a great option for chicken sandwiches and other great appetizer when you happen to be on the go. The management here is great, as you're always treated with the utmost respect and kindness when you decide to eat out here. They have an app that allows you to order before you pull up, and that's a convenient option we can't get enough of. Be sure to try out out their addictive waffle fries. 2580 Coalton Rd, Superior, CO 80027, (303) 410-7050.

Sushi Yama is a sushi bar and Japanese restaurant with attentive wait staff, generous portions of sushi, and lunch specials that make the entire process one that's affordable. Their pan fried soup dumplings are the perfect way to start off your meal here. They have all of the specialty rolls that you're used to, as well as some of their own creations that come artfully presented on the plate. 1627 E Coalton Rd, Superior, CO 80027, (303) 494-0199.

Panera is known throughout the area as being a convenient chain to get affordable sandwich and soup combinations. However, that's not all they have to offer here. They have delicious baked goods such as pastries, bagels and loaves of bread if you happen to be making something special for dinner. Their catering option is one of the best ideas if you happen to be planning a party in Superior. Come enjoy their delicious food! 302 Center Drive, Superior, CO 80027, (720) 304-7000.