There are many things that come with a limousine or limo bus rental! There is the preparation beforehand, the crunching of the numbers, and the long wait to the big event. We're here to make the process as easy as possible, and we're doing that by giving you as much information as possible about your trip. Here we've compiled some of the most common questions that we get on a day to day basis! If you happen to have any other questions regarding a limousine or limo bus rental, just give one of our booking representatives a call or email.

  • Q: What exactly is a limo bus?
  • A: If you took a regular limousine but gave it the space and size of a bus, then you would have a limo bus. There's a luxurious limousine interior with supple leather seating, colorful lighting and more. Additionally, there is a lot of room to move around, so there is no need to be cramped up in some car or regular limousine all night. There party never stops inside a limo bus!

  • Q: Is alcohol allowed on the limo buses?
  • A: Of course, just as long as you and your entire group is all of legal drinking age or older. If anyone within the group is under 21, alcohol is prohibited. We're sorry about any inconvenience this might cause!

  • Q: Can we bring some food on the bus?
  • A: Yes, bring whatever food you want on the bus. But please make sure you keep the bus clean or you may be subject to a clean up/maintenance charge. If you have any further questions regarding this policy please give us a call.
  • Q: What does the interior of a limo bus look like?
  • A: The interior of limo buses takes all the luxury interior features of a limousine and all the wonderful things about a nightclub and jams them right into a limo bus! Luxurious leather seats, privacy windows, TVs, on board bar, colorful club-like lighting, and amazing sound systems are all featured! With one of our limo buses, the party doesn't have to stop as you go to and from your destinations.

  • Q: Do we bring our own alcohol on the bus or is that supplied?
  • A: You must bring your own alcohol. No alcoholic drinks are stocked by Denver Limo Bus. You must be of legal drinking age or older to bring alcoholic beverages on board.

  • Q: Do you need a deposit for the rental?
  • A: A valid credit card must be on file when you book the reservation to lock in the rental. The card will be charged within 24-72 hours.
  • Q: Are any discounts or specials ever offered?
  • A: Specials do exist and are always changing. When you first call us for a quote, inquire about our specials and discounts and we'll do our best to help you. The rates for Sunday through Thursday are usually lower than on Friday and Saturdays on normal occasions. However, there's no certainty until you ask one of our booking professionals!

  • Q: Can we smoke on the bus?
  • A: No. No smoking is allowed on the limo buses, and any evidence of smoking will be subject to a detailing fee. If you have any further questions regarding this policy please give us a call. We'll be happy to explain more in detail!

  • Q: Can I tip the driver?
  • A: Sure. Tips are very much appreciated! Please pay in cash at the beginning or end of the rental. Approximately 10%-20% is an appropriate rate of a tip, however, it's up to you how much you'd like to tip the driver, if at all.