At Denver Limo Bus, we strive to give you the best and most affordable service and to accommodate whatever you need for your party. Call us now at 720-408-7720 and we will be glad to give you a quote for one of our great limousines and limo buses based only on what you need and nothing more. We don't have a basic listing of rates because there is so many limos to choose from and there are many variables that go into the final cost (such as date, time, size of vehicle, etc.). There are also so many variables in vehicle operation costs, when fuel costs are lower or higher than average we will account for that rather than always charging you at the higher rate, we want to pass the saving on to you whenever it's possible. We want to always make it clear, for your own peace of mind, what you are paying for and all of our policies regarding the rental and that you are getting only want you wanted. Once we know the time, date, and how long you need the vehicle for, we can give you a basic quote.

The type of the event (i.e. wedding, bachelor party, etc)

Telling us your event will help us better ascertain what type of service that you'll need!

The day(s) of the week and time of day you need the rental.

Certain days of the week can be much more costly than others, and this is why we ask this information!

The total length you will need the rental.

We rent our vehicles by the hour, so the amount of time you'll need the vehicle has a lot to do with the overall rate.

We're glad to help you figure out pricing for your limousine or limo bus trip. You might be asking yourself:
What are some variables that affect the rate?

  • Size of bus: (i.e. number of passengers)
  • Time of the week: Sunday-Thursday rates are different than Friday/Saturday rates
  • Time of the day: Daytime rates vary compared to nighttime rates
  • Pickup/drop off locations: The total miles from the pickup, the destinations we go, and the final drop off.
  • Type of event: (i.e. Weddings, Bachelor parties, etc.)
Want an easy and quick quote? Before calling us, please gather the information targeted in the bullet points above to the left. It will make your quote process quick and painless!